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E-Course Income – How To Create An E-Course From Scratch

An E-Course from scratchall How in the world can I create an Ecourse from scratch?

Ah young Grasshopper, you have still much to learn. (I love KungFu!)


Believe it or not, the complicated part of an E-Course is NOT the information within it, it’s the format for which the info will be presented (which isn’t hard either). But, for purposes of this read, we’ll worry about formatting later.

Creating an E-Course from scratch is just as easy as writing a 7 item grocery list, maybe even easier.

I say that because you have knowledge on something, right? No one is saying you have to be an expert, but you should have knowledge on some kind of subject, some kind of hobby or even your current profession. Whatever it is you do or like to do, that could be the starting point of your E-Course. That could be the catalyst of you making money on the internet.


Here’s what you do, write down 7 points of something you enjoy doing. It could be 7 words or 7 sentences, but you MUST write them down. Once you have that done, guess what? You have just created the foundation for your very own E-Course! See, I told you it was easy, didn’t I?

Once you take this first step, the rest of creating the E-Course will be a natural progression and, if you build it right, you’ll have a marketable AND sellable product that YOU HAVE CREATED! All by utilizing the knowledge and the expertise already inside of you.

I’ll say this again, if you can write a 7 item grocery list, you can create your very own E-Course that will make you money. How cool is that?


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